RunReveal: Security Information And Event Management Company Raises $2.5 Million

RunReveal, a Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) built to detect threats faster, announced general availability and a $2.5 million seed round led by Costanoa Ventures.

The security teams globally can now utilize RunReveal to analyze security data and logs, gaining insights into potential threats for prompt identification and prevention.

Most security teams have experienced data overload, too many false positives, difficulties with search, and high costs associated with data storage, ingestion, and processing. Created by a team of cybersecurity professionals, RunReveal rebuilt SIEM to solve the most common issues plaguing security teams. Its cloud-native architecture and flexible data stack simplify and streamline data collection, storage, and search to detect threats faster and reduce false positives with a layered alert system.

RunReveal was launched in 2023 by Evan Johnson and Alan Braithwaite who previously worked together at both Cloudflare and Segment. And at Cloudflare, Johnson led application security, enterprise security and product security for the company that handles some of the world’s most sophisticated networks. Braithwaite, a software engineer, developed and maintained the core data pipelines at Cloudflare and then Segment through an acquisition by Twilio. And RunReveal plans to use the funding to scale its team and roll out additional offerings.

“Today’s security teams are overwhelmed with data from dozens of cloud services they need to collect security telemetry from. Legacy SIEM platforms like Splunk have become too complicated, too expensive and too noisy for even the most sophisticated security teams to operate – many companies even forgoing SIEM altogether because it’s too big of a lift. RunReveal is simple because we re-architected every individual component of a SIEM to solve the problems of today, not the problems of a decade ago. We enable security teams to respond faster by collecting and instantly correlating suspicious activity across all of their cloud and SaaS tools.”

“We see RunReveal as opening new avenues in the SIEM market, with companies requiring pragmatic approaches to the latest security threats. For too many companies, existing SIEM products are too expensive, too difficult to implement and too hard to use. We’re excited to back RunReveal as they pioneer a modern approach to SIEM built by security practitioners for security practitioners.”